Dutchbudz - 15th July 2020

Dutchbudz Meets Damarezcurtis


Welcome to "Dutchbudz Meets". Our new interview series where we, Dutchbudz, “meet” and celebrate music artists and industry talent from the Netherlands.

We want to learn about what homegrown talent does but also the person behind the talent.

Dutchbudz Meets: Damarezcurtis

Hi my name is damarezcurtis.

How did you get your start?

I started producing dance music 5 years ago.

Biggest working achievement?

Few years ago gig at museumplein.

What is your dream festival to work with?


Favourite gig you’ve played?


The first thing you do when you get up?

Take a shower

Who do you most want to work with?

The industry is filled with talented people.. so any person who inspires me.

I’m trying to achieve...

The impossible.

If I had a theme song, it would be...


I end my day with...

Thanking God for giving everybody so much and me so little.

I’m trying to learn...:

The Spotify algorithm

My most used apps at the moment are...

Spotify for artist

The podcast I'm currently listening to is...


Work from home or work from an office?

Home soon back to the office

What does your “office” setup look like?


Where can we find you? 

Damarezcurtis' Soundcloud

Damarezcurtis' Instagram

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