Dutchbudz - 27th August 2020

Dutchbudz Meets Nachtbraker

Dutchbudz Meets Nachtbraker

Welcome to "Dutchbudz Meets". Our new interview series where we, Dutchbudz, “meet” and celebrate music artists and industry talent from the Netherlands.

We want to learn about what homegrown talent does but also the person behind the talent.

Dutchbudz Meets: Nachtbraker

Based in Amsterdam, running Quartet Series and Nachtbraker labels. Residency at Doka Amsterdam. Nachtbraker has produced and played music around the world for 5 years. He released music on Aus Music, Heist Recordings and Dirt Crew. 

Dutchbudz Meets Nachtbraker

How did you get your start?

By spending hours and hours working in FL studio, organising illegal parties in Amsterdam and being lucky.

Biggest working achievement?

Self-releasing my debut album "When You Find a Stranger in the Alps" on my label Quartet Series.

Favourite gig you've played...

Peak time slot at ZeeZout Winterfestival, in front of all my friends <3.

The first thing you do when you get up?


I’m trying to achieve...

A stable and sustainable career in music.

I'm trying to learn...

more about mixing and mastering

Dutchbudz Meets Nachtbraker

The podcast I'm currently listening to...


Work from home or work from an office?

preferably from my studio

What does your "office" setup look like?

Pretty simple as I work mainly in the box, but the room is thoroughly acoustically treated. A pair of Dynaudio BM6A MkII and a pair of Adam S3H. Furthermore i have an old Revox A77 tape recorder and Roland MC-303 / JV1080. A good desk and chair, fake plants (no sunlight) and a second big screen.

Where can we find you? 

Nachtbraker's Instagram

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