How do I reset my Budz earbuds?

If any issues arise with your earbuds, we suggest the first thing to do to reset your Budz and the Bluetooth connectivity with your device.

This will reset the earbuds to factory settings and may help the issue at hand.

  1. Disconnect all connected devices

  2. Select “Forget This Device” in Bluetooth settings

  3. Then long press both Budz for 5 seconds to turn off

  4. Wait a few seconds

  5. Turn on both Budz by pressing both at the same time to pair together

  6. You should hear “pairing, left channel, right channel"

  7. Then you can reconnect Bluetooth with your device

Are Budz compatible with my Bluetooth device?

The Budz earbuds are compatible with all Bluetooth compatible devices:

  • Android devices (phones, tablets, smartwatches)

  • iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch)

  • Windows computers

  • macOS computers

  • VR Headsets

  • Smart TVs


Are Budz earbuds water resistant?

Yes, the Budz earbuds have an IP rating of IPX5.

Can I work out with Dutchbudz?


Can I run/walk in the rain?


Can I swim with Dutchbudz in my ear?


How to operate Dutchbudz?

A user manual is included in the box. If you have lost it, you can download the manual here.


Are Dutchbudz covered by warranty?

Yes, 1 year warranty.

Please note, products must be returned in their original condition. We cannot accept returns on items damaged through normal wear and tear.

How do I pair the Budz earbuds with my phone?

To pair the earbud to your smartphone, follow the steps below:  

  • Press and hold the Budz earbuds until you see the flashing light. The Budz earbuds are now in pairing mode and is identifying itself in the Bluetooth network.

  • Open your Bluetooth settings on your device. Your mobile phone should see the “BUDZ” device name in its Bluetooth setup screen.  

Once the Budz device is selected, you should hear “pairing successful”.

What if the sound is unclear? / Why is my connection unstable?

The strength of a connection between the Budz and your source device can be determined by a variety of things. This can include the signal strength of your device, the distance, any obstruction between the two, and the surrounding environment. If the Bluetooth connection is interrupted, both the earbuds and the remote device will attempt to re-establish another connection.

There are a number of factors that can cause you to experience some external interference. WiFi signals are the biggest culprit of them all. If there is a 'fade-out, fade-in' issue coming from the earbuds, this means that the device recognises that there is a signal interfering with the connection between your source device and earbuds.

If the Bluetooth connection to Budz earbuds seems to be unstable, try changing the position of your device relative to the Budz earbud for a direct line of sight.

Another suggestion is to try the reset procedure on the earbuds.

What if my right earbud (secondary) cuts out but the left (primary) works fine?

When two Budz earbuds are paired, the left channel (primary) earbud connects with your phone (device) as well as right channel (secondary) earbud for stereo sound. If only the right earbud is experiencing a sound or connection problem, try rotating the right earbud by 90 degrees or so. This help line up the internal antenna between the two earbuds, prompting a better connection.

To enhance stereo performance, make sure the left and right earbuds’ are aligned parallel to each other. You can also rotate one of them until the connection stabilises.

If these instructions do not improve this connection, please try the reset procedure and then try pairing again.